June, 2015 Monthly archive

If there’s one time of year that is sure to test ones patience, sanity & goodwill, it’s now. “Music” festival season. If you are anything like me, that is. Considering Big Day Out seems to be no longer a thing, not to mention, Harvest, Homebake & Livid, Soundwave seems to have become the beacon of hope in the otherwise murky world of alternative rock festivals. A safe haven for pot-smoking people wearing Segression or Pearl Jam t-shirts with Slipknot, Red Hot Chili Peppers & Grinspoon tattoos to chant “Fooeys! Fooeys!” (or insert any 90’s/ early 00’s alternative torchbearers; see Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Papa Roach, Rage Against The Machine, Faith No More etc) to their hearts content, whilst getting trolley’d on overpriced half-strength Carlton Draught. All well and good. 31 year old me has no problem with that because 18-21 year old me would’ve been chuffed to be in such an environment, as i was at BDO Y2K. Slightly older me was less chuffed at the 2011 offering. Sure, Soundwave seems like a good time seeing as every year there’s 3- 4 bands I actually enjoy, on the bill. And sure, you couldn’t pay me enough to attend it, but that’s beside the point.

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